Canada Visa Application – How To Apply

Canada is a country that is located in the northern part of North America in which numerous people want to apply for a Canadian Visa. It shares boundaries with the United States of America.

The state capital of this country is Ottawa, and their two main official languages are English and French. The three metropolitan cities in this country are Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Whether you want to apply for a Canadian visa for a picnic or you are going there for other purposes.

The sole aim of this article is to guide you through the application process of obtaining a Canadian Visa. Your ambitions of traveling around this country can be made possible if you can follow all these steps that you are going to read.

Holders of a Nigerian passport require a tourist visa for them to gain permission to visit Canada. The visa applications are meant to be submitted online via the IRCC online application process or via the VFS Global Canadian Visa application that is located in Abuja or Lagos.

Age also plays a significant role for anybody that wants to apply for a Canadian visa. It is one of the conditions before commencing the Canadian visa application process.

Canada’s visa application process is stressful and challenging because it involves a lot of paperwork. Nevertheless, the main thing is to be aware of what the authorities from Canada demand from their immigrants.

Before you apply for the different types of Canadian visas, you must have an objective(s), and there are several ways to apply for a Canadian visa.

Different types of Canadian Visas

There are numerous types of Canadian visas to apply for:

  • Temporary visas.
  • Study visas.
  • Work visas.
  • Permanent resident visas.

1. Temporary Visas

This kind of Canadian visa is a good option for people who want to travel to Canada with the purpose of studying, work, or relaxation. If you are certain you won’t stay in Canada for a longer period.

This visa is the right option for you because it helps you to secure your stay for the duration you are going to stay in Canada.

2. Study Visa

This visa gives immigrants or foreign students the authorization to study in Canada with ease. Foreign students cannot study in Canada without having this type of visa. For you to get a study visa there are other documents that are necessary such as an introductory letter, other vital documents, and a passport.

Criteria for study visa in Canada

The following are essential if you want to apply for a Canadian visa to study:

  • You must be accepted by a specific learning institution.
  • You must have enough funds to cater for your tuition fee and other expenses.
  • You must have a clean criminal record.
  • You must go for a medical checkup.

3. Work Visa

For most of the jobs in Canada, foreigners must get a work permit and also an employment visa. We have two types of work permits such as open work permits and employer-specific work permits.

The former allows a foreigner to work for anyone over there in Canada while the latter allows foreigners to work for only one employer.

Canadian work visas are issued out to various kinds of workers such as temporary workers, business people, and permanent workers.

Criteria for Work Visa in Canada

  • Evidence that you have the plan to leave Canada when your work permit expires.
  • Evidence of adequate funds to travel back to your country.
  • Police clearance certificate.
  • Medical report.
  • Essential documents.

4. Permanent Resident Visa

This visa is issued out to someone whom the Canadian government has given resident status by immigrating to Canada to live. Canada is a country with several opportunities and thousands of immigrants get their permanent resident card status in Canada nearly every year.

There are many advantages when you become a resident of Canada because you can live, study, and work over there on a permanent basis. This permanent resident card is usually issued every 5 years and can also be renewed after it expires.

The time duration for Canadian visas can take up to a month, but this depends on the application you want to submit. You can get your passport and visa from the visa application center. They can also be delivered to your doorstep via courier service.

Fees to apply for a Canadian visa

The fee for a Canadian visa varies depends on either you are going to make payment online or at the Visa application center.

The payment is made in naira and they can be changed by the embassy. There are two types of payment you make to apply for a Canadian visa and here they are:

  • Making a payment online to apply for a Canadian Visa: The processing fee is #28,000 and for biometric per person it is about #24,000.
  • Making payment via the Global Visa application centre: The processing and the biometric remain the same. The only difference is you have to pay a service charge of about #17,000.

Essential requirements to apply for a Canadian visa

  • Original copy of your immigrant passport that has a validity of six months.
  • Evidence of application processing and biometric fee.
  • Evidence for enough funds such as 3 months statement of account, evidence of investments, payslips, and among others.
  • Two good coloured photographs.
  • Evidence of ties to show you are from Nigeria such as a letter of employment, evidence of businesses or assets, etc.
  • Medical history.
  • A photocopy of provisional booking of flight, and other travel itineraries such as reservations or accommodation.
  • Some passports to show your travel history.
  • Extra documents to back up your application such as a letter of invitation, date of birth, marriage certificate, etc.

List of embassies to apply for a Canadian visa in Nigeria

  1. 4, Anifiwoshe Street,

Victoria Island, Lagos.


  1. Silvebird Centre Plot 1161, Memorial Drive,

Central Business, District Abuja.


  1. Manor Hall, Plot 110,

Admiral Ayinla Way,

Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos.

Procedures on how to apply for a Canadian visa online

These are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Download the form online.
  2. Fill the necessary information on the application form.
  3. Pay the visa fee.
  4. Submit the form you have filled to an indigenous local visa application centre.
  5. Make a payment of your service charge and get your receipt with a tracking number to track your application online.


The procedure to apply for a Canadian visa is daunting and can be frustrating at times. Therefore, as an applicant, this article will help you cut down the stress when you want to obtain any kind of Canadian visa.

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