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Cree Citcchino’s Net Worth

Cree Cicchino is an American actress, who loves to dance and sing. She is indeed on a journey to greatness. Here’s what you need to know about her ranging from her net worth to her personal life.

Who is Cree Cicchino?

Cree Cicchino is a talented American actress born on 9th, May 2002 in New York City. Her role as “Babe Carano” on the television series Game Shakers from 2012 to 2018 brought her to the limelight. She was featured as Seashell on the TV series Whiskey Haven Tales with the Palace Pets from 2015 – 2019.

Cree featured as Marisol Fuentes on the episode Mr. Iglesias in 2014. She also started on the TV series The After Party in 2015, Henry Danger 2017, The Adventures of Kid Danger 2018, Me 2019, Myself and I, Alexis Joy VIP Access, Piper’s Picks TV, Paradise Run, and more.

Her immense work rate attracted a nomination for an Imagen Foundation Award for Best Young Actor – Television for Game Shakers in 2019. She has more than a 1.4million followers on Instagram.

Cree Citcchino Net Worth

Cree Citcchino has an established net worth of $500 thousand.

Full Name Cree Cicchino (Cree Elizabeth Cicchino)
Net Worth$500 Thousand USD
Date of Birth 09 May 2002
Age19 Years
Birth Place Glendale, Queens, New York, United States
Profession Actress and Model
Nationality American

Cree Citcchino Personal life

Cree Cicchino has an amazing family who truly supported her dreams of becoming an actress. Mr Chris Cicchino (Her father) is a businessman; while and her mother (Mrs Lori Cicchino) is a dedicated housewife.

Ciirchino has a twin sister, Jayce Cicchino. and as of when this article was written, Cree is still single and probably searching. She has had her share of heartbreak when she was in a relationship with Jace Norman (An American actor)

Cree and her twin are indeed great dancers. They started dancing from Age four and their favourite music genre is a soft rock and hip hop. although Cree wanted to take dancing as her profession her mum knew she would do better as an actress; so enrolled her in an acting academy so the purpose of enhancing their inherent deposit.

In no distance time, Cree started featuring in some television episodes. she was naturally wired for the Entertainment industry, this inherent ability propelled her love for music.

Apart from dancing, singing and acting, Cree loves drawing, hiking, horseriding, swimming and travelling. She dislikes mustard, tree nuts, eggs and soy. Although she is only 19 years as of the day this article was written, Cree has greatly made a name for herself in the movie industry and invariably she has become a social media influencer (with millions of followers to influence).

if her beauty is an event, then the event will be sold out because Cree is so beautiful. She has glowing skin and amazing curves (The Girl is hot).

Other Fact about Cree Citcchino

  • She is extremely beautiful.
  • Her Parents are her role model
  • She is a devoted Christians.

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