Tips to Get Flat Tummy After Delivery Fast

Having a flat stomach after childbirth and delivery has been a challenge for women all over the world. The fear of looking out of shape and all swollen, especially around the stomach is a thing common to women mostly after childbirth, especially those who had a flat stomach before delivery. This is because it makes them feel old all of a sudden, and that change in their body system makes them feel insecure about their bodies. An extra layer of the flesh begins to add up, and your body weight goes up more than you can imagine. You start to wonder if you can ever get back to how you were before pregnancy, you start becoming conscious of your own body, and fear begins to creep in.

There are many tips on how you can go back to your former body shape after childbirth and delivery; it all depends on you. You have to consider some factors before engaging in any of them.

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Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before getting started

  1. Did I have a flat stomach before pregnancy?
  2. Am I ready to do all it takes to get back to my former body shape?
  3. When is it convenient to start working on myself?

If you had a flat stomach before pregnancy, it wouldn’t be that hard to get back to your former shape. You have to be consistent with some simple workout. If you formerly didn’t have a flat stomach before pregnancy, it would take a long while to get to that point with just exercise. You could consider adding a slimming solution and also dieting with the workout, and then you should be good to go in no time.

You have to make up your mind when embarking on the journey of weight loss. Make sure you have a drive so you wouldn’t get discouraged mid-way through. This is a vital aspect, a lot of women plan to lose weight around their tummy, but then they get tired along the line and give up. Then they begin to look at their predecessors like “my mum has an overblown stomach…. My grandmother too.” yes, it is possible they do, but you are not them.
Moreover, they did not have access to this kind of information. So consider yourself lucky to read this. You have to be ready to get through with it by all mean possible.

Another factor a woman should consider before planning on going through with tummy weight loss is finding a convenient time to start. That is finding out when it is suitable for both the mother and the child. This applies more to women who plan on drinking slimming solutions and dieting so as not to affect the child’s feeding cycle.

How to Get Flat Stomach After Pregnancy

I would be giving some tips on the journey to tummy weight loss below, so keep scrolling.

1. Be Determined

Before anyone can achieve anything in life, they need to be determined, as the saying goes, “determination is key to success.” This applies to tummy weight loss as well. You have to make up your mind to achieve the body shape you want. To help yourself, you could get a driving force. For example, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and her sister Kylie Jenner are both models; therefore, their job depends on their bodies. That could be their driving force. If they go out of shape, they lose their job. Okay, lets come down to our continent Africa, the likes of Yvonne Nelson who had a child in recent times and still got back in shape could also have had her job as her driving force that is because she is a model and even an actress. Her career mostly depends on her body. The thought of that keeps them going, so they don’t give up along the way. In the same vein, you should find a driving force.

2. Know Your Convenient Time

Before any woman embarks on any weight loss journey after pregnancy and childbirth, she has to confirm from a medical doctor when it is safe to start workouts and dieting. The reason being that dieting could affect the child’s health and sometimes the mother’s health as well. Also, exercise could be strenuous on the body of a woman who just put to bed because most times, the female body takes a while to heal after delivery. It takes about four weeks for the uterus to shrink back to its former size. For the average woman with no complications during pregnancy and after childbirth, you could start exercising one week after delivery.

3. Start Exercising

Exercises differ in intensity. Therefore, it is essential to note when your body can take which and what activity. You should start with simple activities like tightening your abdominal muscles and releasing it after a while. You could do this for 30 seconds as often as possible daily.

Then there is the option of sit-ups. You could start slowly and gradually build the numbers. For example;

  • You could start with ten sit-ups daily for a week; you would notice that after that week, your body gets used to the numbers, and you do not feel the pain anymore. Once you get to that stage, move up the numbers. That is you could increase from 10 to 15 or even 20. You could also make it ten each morning and night depends on your strength and how fast you want the result.
  • Planking is also part of the exercises that should be carried out for a flat tummy. It merely involves resting the whole of your body weight in a horizontal form on the tip of your toes and your elbows. Also, make sure your body is on a straight line then do this for at least 30 seconds for a start then move up the numbers when your body gets used to it.
  • Crunch, which is more or less half sit-up, should be included. You should be able to crunch for 30 seconds for a start. Then, as usual move up the time limit when you get comfortable.
  • Flutter kicks could be added as this is a much simpler exercise it should be done for at least 40 seconds for a start.
  • The last exercise I would recommend is push up. I want to make this optional because strengths differ according to personalities, but if you can, good for you as this speeds up the flattening process. You could start from 10 push-ups and Increase after that.

Consistency is vital in this workout process. If you can be consistent for a month, you should experience changes even from two weeks.

Let us know how your journey to getting a flat tummy after birth has been. We will also like you to share your thoughts on this post, feel free to use the comment section. Be determined and in no time, you will get your dream body back.

Good luck!

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