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10+ Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

If you are looking for legal ways to make money online in Nigeria, then this post is definitely for you. The best part is that it does not matter if you are a teenager, a housewife, a student, or even a working-class, there are several ways to make money online in Nigeria as would be stated below. Another fun part is the fact that they could be easily set up with little capital or no capital at all.

The Internet has proven very useful over time, especially in this generation where almost everyone has one social media account or another. It has also turned out that nearly everyone makes use of the internet thus making it easy to connect to a broader audience irrespective of where you are, who you are or what you do so long as you have an internet connection. Does this pass a message to you? Of course, in a large market like the internet, there should be tons of sources to make money online.

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This article covers over ten ways you can make money online in Nigeria legitimately.

Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

  1. Start a blog
  2. Sell on e-Commerce websites
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Freelancing
  5. Online survey
  6. Property agent
  7. Book publishing
  8. Forex and Crypto trading
  9. Virtua tutoring
  10. Start a Vlog
  11. URL shortening

See details below;

1. Start A Blog

Contrary to popular belief about blogging being old fashioned, it is not. A lot of bloggers still make money online. All you have to do is provide valuable content regularly, and by so doing, you attract like-minded people who are interested in the information or products related to your content. Once a lot of traffic is being generated to the site, you can make a lot of money by monetizing your blog.

2. Sell on e-Commerce Websites

Yes, you could also make legit cash in Nigeria is by selling on prominent e-commerce websites like Jumia, Konga, PayPorte. These are all e-commerce websites in Nigeria that allow a merchant to list and sell products online on their website in some cases for free while in some cases, according to their Terms and Conditions. This exposes your products to a broad audience who visit the site regularly and this, in turn, makes your products to sell faster, which in turn means more money.

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog or website or even if you have the right presence on social media, you can start making money by promoting all sorts of Businesses, Companies, Products, Services and offers online. You can even apply to affiliate programs of some notable brands In Nigeria. Affiliate marketing is an ideal way to make more money and start a home-based business. It does not require much money to set up, and if you cannot provide the necessary service when needed, you get paid for referring new clients and customers to other businesses online.

4. Become A Virtua Teacher

This is another one of the many ways to make money online in Nigeria. This involves teaching others what you know. Money is made through this means by first enrolling in one of the various Virtual Tutor programs, become a virtual tutor by engaging in one-on-one tutoring sessions then make use of a website that allows users to monetize their knowledge by creating online learning materials for others in need of it.

5. Freelancing

If you want to make legit money In Nigeria, freelancing is one thing you should try to raise capital for funding your business.  Sell your skill as a service to people who need them. Skills such as content writing, web designing, graphic design, social media management, and many others are basic skills in high demand online. Most freelancing websites allow you to make use of your skills to make money online.

6. Online Survey

This idea of making money online is fast becoming popular in Nigeria. The main idea is just filling out online surveys. This method is most convenient for the working class as it could be done in one’s spare time. Research companies in Nigeria are always on the lookout to recruit new members to provide answers to surveys and also test new products online. Just for a few minutes of filling and answering questionnaires, you could get quick cash as a reward.

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7. Property Agent

This is yet another legal online/offline money-making means in Nigeria. This could be done by anyone as well. All you have to do is register as an agent with an online Property Agency. After that be on the lookout for any property probably around you that’s going for sale and list it on the Agency’s website, and you get your reward according to their Terms and Conditions. This can also be done mouth-to-mouth as you can advertise to friends as well and make your commission.

8. Book Publishing

This method of making money online involves publishing books online. Simply visit websites that allow fast, free, and easy publishing of books online. It could also be short stories, reviews or whatever is worth reading. Then monetize each of your materials so that when any of your publications is being read or downloaded, you get paid. An example of a website that offers such services is Okadabooks.

9. Forex and Crypto Trading

Right now, Forex trading is the trending online money making business in Nigeria. Although it is for those who have a clear and good understanding of the exchange market. It is mostly not advisable though because it involves a lot of risks, but if you feel you can handle it, then it’s the way to go for you. If you have an idea of forex trading, then you wouldn’t find trading cryptocurrencies difficult

10. Start A Vlog

Starting a Vlog is a very nice move if you want to make money online. Vlogging has to do with recording your everyday activity and uploading online for people to watch. There are a lot of niches to Vlog on. You could create a Vlog about your family, school, travel, friends, etc.

This is one overlooked source by Nigerians as it has a high earning potential.

11. URL Shortening

You might know about link shorteners already, but never knew you could make money off it. Link shorteners are websites that allow you to shorten a web link; they help shorten long permalinks of web pages.

The cool thing is that you can make money sharing useful information around the internet without owning a website or even creating content at all. Simply get a link to a piece of information that is well sort for on the internet, shorten the link using share it on the internet and earn money when people click on your shortened link.

If you have been pondering over what to do to make money online in Nigeria, I hope this list will be of help to you.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feel like we exempted a good make money online method for Nigerians, please let us know in the comment section and we will be sure to make updates.

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