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How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria (Complete Guide 2020)

If you’ve been into buying and selling in Nigeria, you should have thought of scaling up your business by importing goods from outside the country, if not you should have heard of the big gurus who import cheap products with a crazy profit margin. This post is a comprehensive guide on how to start mini importation business in Nigeria and make good profit from the comfort of your home if this is the reason you clicked on the link, then continue reading.

This post covers the basics information about starting a mini importation business in Nigeria and professional advice from a professional.

How to start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria

In this guide, I will cover the below topics.

  1. Cost of starting a mini importation business in Nigeria
  2. Where to import items from
  3. Sellable products – How to identify a product that will sell in Nigeria
  4. How to get products at the lowest possible price
  5. How to select products to make a profit
  6. How to ship your products to your destination
  7. How to sell your products online
  8. How to deliver your products to customers

1. Cost of starting a mini importation business in Nigeria

I have seen many Nigerian blogs screaming off their lungs and telling newbies that you can start importation business with 5,000 Naira or less. Truth be told, N5,000 isn’t enough to start mini importation business in Nigeria.

If you want to start importing products from outside the country to Nigeria, then you should have at least N50,000, the reason being that you will also ship these products and wouldn’t just want to buy a very few items to start.

The list below covers what your N50,000 can do for you.

  1. Buy products from China
  2. Ship products to your destination
  3. Run little social media campaign for your purchased goods.
  4. Where to import items from

2. Where to import items from

You get to see wrong information flooding the internet about places you can import items from. But being a business-minded person, you want to make a profit, that’s the whole essence of venturing into any business by the way.

I will show you the cheapest places to buy products in China, trust me, this is extremely cheap.


Most mini importation gurus in Nigeria buy items from Aliexpress because of the variety of products to choose from and considering the price difference from other major eCommerce websites in the world. I buy some products I use from this site.

If you want an even better option, then 1688 is your best try. I have been using 1688 for a very long time now, and it’s been working perfectly for me. Most people complain about the language barrier on this site as the site is written in the Chinese language. But with the help of google translator, you will be able to translate it to English language and surf for your desired products.

So for this guide, we will be working with 1688 as it’s preferred and recommended by most experts, and it has been my choice for a very long time.

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3. Sellable products – How to identify a product that will sell in Nigeria

There are niches I have found profitable over the years as a mini importation expert, and I have specialized in them and made millions of naira selling them.

a. Health products

Every sick person will go within beyond their limits to get well, relying on this you can get very cheap health products from China ranging from belly fat burner, diabetes tea, supplements, etc. there are a variety of sicknesses and diseases, you can make your research to get high in demand products that sell like hot Akara.

b. Beauty products

Slay queens won’t be left out as they can go beyond imaginations to look beautiful. Selling beauty products is a very lucrative business in Nigeria that doesn’t require you to have any basic knowledge at all.

For instance, in 2017 I sold over 500 pieces of black peel-off mask for N12,000 in less than two months at a buying cost of $0.4 making about N7,000 in profit for each product after all expenses. This was because I figured that nobody wanted to have pimples on their faces, and this was a lasting remedy for ending pimples. As far as your product solves a problem, you will get buyers rolling in.

c. Things that make life easy

In this case, it mustn’t necessarily be health or beauty products as people seem to look for the easiest possible way to carry out tasks and activities,

so, look for something that makes life easy.

Examples include; mobile blender, hair straightener, veggie chop machines, etc.

If you follow these niches, you will be able to find sellable products using the same pattern I use.

4. How to get products at the lowest possible price

Buying items for Aliexpress and 1688 seems cheap right? But it’s even less expensive when you have direct contact of an agent in China that will help you go straight to the manufacturers and buy at the manufacturing price.

I will be giving you the contact of the Chinese agents I use to buy things from China.

Get Contact below;
Aliexpress :
Get the link of the item you want to purchase and send it to them via email or WhatsApp, more like a quotation noting the quantity of each item you need. The agent goes to the manufacturing company and gets a better price of the product for you unlike what you see on the website if you are lucky enough the price might be slashed in two.

Name: Lijuan from China
No: +86 138 5875 1536

Just like Aliexpress you have to get the link of the item you desire from and send it to the agent who then goes around china to get you a fair price from manufacturers, considering the fact that 1688 is even cheaper than Aliexpress, you will get items, even more, cheaper here.

Name: Sunny from China
No: +86 155 1698 2696

Once your preferred agent has given you a price list of all products you wish to purchase, you can make payment using their preferred payment method. After that, you will be asked of which company you want to use to ship products down to Nigeria. See details in the next section.

5. How to get your products to your destination

There are two services I use to bring my products to Nigeria, which are NBC logistics and St. Patricks’ Logistics. Any of the above company you choose is left to you. All you have to do is tell your agent which of them you want to use to ship products down to Nigeria.

Your agent now sends your item and details such as your name and phone number to the logistic company, who will later contact you with the price for shipping your parcel. Once payment is made, you will get an SMS when the item is leaving China and when your item arrives in Nigeria.

If you live in Lagos, you are in luck because both Logistic companies have a warehouse in Lagos and you can go to pick up once it arrives. But if you leave outside Lagos, you can organize with any logistic company within Nigeria to waybill your items to your destination.

6. How to sell your products online

Selling items has never been easy until the emergence of the internet and social network platforms. The internet has made it very easy for mini importers to sell their products and make money online in Nigeria.

These are simple tips for selling your items online

– Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms with millions of users trooping in daily. You can utilize the power of social media by sharing photos of your products with descriptions such as the name of the product, price, and what the product does.

Ask your friends to help you share your products on their walls. This will make your products get to more eyes.

The second method of using these platforms to make tons of sales is simply by running ad campaigns. This is the method I used to sell over 500 items of N12,000 in less than two months. Of course, this method will cost you some money, but it is worth it any day anytime.

– Forums and Blogs

There are a lot of Nigerian blogs and forums. You can easily contact them for advert space on their websites. From my experience, health products have turned out to sell well on blogs and forums than other products.

7. How to deliver your products to customers

Finally, you have your first sale, and you are not sure of how to deliver, especially when the customer is in a different state.

There are a lot of logistics companies that promise a high successful delivery rate, and yet at the end of the day, your products are not delivered.

An easy way to go about delivering is targeting your adverts on social networks to the same city you reside in. That way, it is easy for you to deliver yourself or send someone reliable to help you deliver.

Otherwise, if you want to target a wider audience, then you should be ready to pay logistic companies to help you ship products, don’t get it twisted, you’ll still make a reasonable profit even after paying your logistic company to deliver your product.

I won’t be recommending any logistics company in Nigeria to you. You have to find what works for you. The trick here is being friendly with their staff and giving them tips once in a while, and your items will be sent out quickly, especially when you are making the payment on delivery method.

For those collecting payment before delivery, you do not have any issues as you already have your customers’ money at hand and can use any company to make a waybill.


Watch this informative video on mini importation in Nigeria by Adeposi Okupe and Patrick Ogidi (Nigerian Importation Grandmaster).


Knowing that mini importation business is a lucrative one in Nigeria at the moment, we decided to write a comprehensive guide on how to start importing goods from China to Nigeria. If this article helped you, kindly let us know using the comment section. Also, use the comment section to ask questions wherever you have misunderstood.

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