How to Start Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

The poultry business is usually recommended for retirees and people who are passionate about livestock farming. In the past, people portrayed a nonchalant attitude towards breeding birds, but today, the reverse is the case.

With the recent global burst in population and increasing demand for food, a lot of people now realize the importance of providing the most basic need of man. We have written an article that covers how to start a food business in Nigeria, you can check it out.

Food is one of the basic needs of man, and poultry farming falls under the food provision category so it does not matter how bad the economy is a poultry farmer won’t go out of business because human beings must feed and domestic birds are consumable.

In Nigeria, there is a growing population of over 150 million people, and two sources of protein, namely egg, and meat, can be gotten from poultry farming. In a country like this, poultry farming thrives.

Furthermore, with the increased awareness of the health implications of red meat, white meat is now sought after, and this is gotten from poultry birds.

Before you start a poultry business in Nigeria, you have to be familiar with all it entails. A lot of poultry businesses fail because their owners decide to depend solely on their knowledge without caring to consult others with more experience than them.

You might be like ‘’is it not just training birds?” The poultry business is more than that. It involves you being able to care adequately for them and that in turn involves knowing when to feed them, caring for their shelter, knowing where to place them according to the weather, knowing how to place them size by size, knowing about their feeds, getting a secure shelter, knowing how to care properly for them in any case of sickness, setting up some basic equipment used to raise birds and knowing how to market your business.

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Knowing how to market your business is a whole new challenge entirely, we will put up an article on that soon.

Remember there are a lot of people in the industry before you, this means you would be competing with folks with more experience than you have so in this case you would have to be smart and conduct your business carefully to expand your customer base.

Guide to Starting a Poultry Farming Business

Here are some rules that could help you in setting up and running your poultry farm effectively.

PS; the guidelines I am about to list do not necessarily mean you cannot start up your own way or add your due amount of diligence. These are just tips to put into consideration while starting up.

Here is the guide to starting a poultry farm business

  • Get capital
  • Do your findings
  • Choose the type of bird
  • Choose your division
  • Design your logo
  • Set your farm location
  • Hire professionals
  • Market your business

Getting Capital

For any business to begin in the first place, you need capital to set up, the same applies to the poultry business.

Even if the capital is not much, you could start small or get a loan. You need money to build a shelter, buy products, buy feeds, create a logo, pay extra hands [this is because there is no way you could run it all by yourself]

Do Your Findings

You need to make adequate findings and gather the necessary knowledge required to start up a poultry business. You could learn from someone already in the industry.

Find out information like their feeding cycle, type of feeds according to their stage and type, and also how to secure their shelter. You need to have background knowledge of the business before starting up to avoid preventable loss.

Choose Your Type of Bird

Poultry consists of many varieties of domesticated birds. This type of poultry includes guineafowl, goose, domestic fowl, domestic pigeon, turkey, duck, quail, peacock you need to choose which one you want to focus on. If you’re going to rear all kinds of birds, well, good and fine but it is still possible to rear only one species and still have a booming business.

Choose Your Division

There is a lot of aspect of poultry farming. They include egg production (layers breeding), meat production (broilers breeding), chicken breeding (hatchery), poultry feed production, poultry marketing, and consultant, and egg and meat processing, packaging, and marketing. You have to choose what you want to offer in the market.

Set Your Farm Location

Location is of importance too when starting up a poultry business. Your business location is vital to the success of your poultry farm. When picking a location, you should consider a place with the availability of large cheap land, but at the same time, it should be close to areas with a large population.

Seeing as land is cheap in a sparsely populated area, a lot of poultry farmers would prefer setting up their poultry business in such areas, but it is important to make your business location as close to your customers as possible.

Although it is not advisable to set up a poultry farm in a residential area because of the offensive odor that exudes from the farm, it is essential to find a balance having all this in mind.

Design Your Logo

Having a brand in any business you do helps your customers differentiate between your business and another. You could seek the help of a graphic designer to create a logo for your customers to identify your business anywhere the logo is seen.

Hire Professionals

Having extra hands while running a poultry farm is not such a bad idea. It is even almost impossible to do it all by yourself. You could try, but it would be a lot easier with other helping hands more, especially if they are professionals in the business.

This might incur more expenses though, so if you are starting small and can manage, you could try operating alone for a while then as your business grows, you employ the services of professionals.

Market Your Business

Marketing your business is a major aspect of the poultry business. This is because you would compete with a lot of other poultry farms.  You need to employ the right marketing techniques and strategies which you would use to break into the market. We will be making a whole post about this soon.

Now that you have seen all it takes to start a poultry business in Nigeria, we would love to see you begin and update us with your progress as you go. Also, let us know if there is any other area of the market in which you need more information, and we will be sure to update you on that.

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